Tribute to Yvonne Regalado

A talented soprano and very dear friend, Yvonne Regalado, passed away May 23rd, 2015. She was a long time collaborator and an adventurous and talented artist with a wonderful sense of humor. I first met her when I was music director of El Teatro Campesino in the early 90's. When I moved to LA and started my film and television career while staying involved in theater and live vocal performance, Yvonne was always on the top of the list of talent I would call upon to help me with my projects.
On a few occasions, I would ask Yvonne to lead the soprano section of a couple of choirs I was involved in, and to take as the solos as the opportunities arose. She would always handle those so beautifully.

The most wonderful thing Yvonne and I worked on together was 1995's Tormenta Cantata for Soprano, String Quartet and Amplified Painters Brush. This was a collaboration with Yvonne, the avant-garde painter, Gronk, and the Grammy award winning Kronos Quartet. Yvonne was there from the beginning of the development of the piece. She ended up playing the role of La Tormenta, one of Gronk's iconic figures, singing with her back to the audience while Gronk painted onstage while Kronos performed. This performance was an arousing success, and all of us continued the collaboration for years to come. However, I primarily remember the fun we all had together both in subsequent performances around the country and outside of them.

Yvonne was such a kind soul with an infectious laugh. She was so funny, had an open and wide-eyed approach to life and art and she was such a blast to hang out with. Always known for generosity, she and her husband David were always open with their space for out-of-town guests, and time, energy and hearts whenever people needed it.

She will be sorely missed.



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