My first time watching a scoring of a silent film today. This silent film "Ramona", (In Caliente) starring Dolores Del Rio was lost for 90 years! 😨 And recently found in the Czech Republic.πŸ˜† This world premiere has enriched my life forever πŸ™…πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΌ Thank you friends for giving us this honor to experience this with you on your special day.
Honey Marie


A Lost 1928 Classic

Preserved by the Library of Congress

With New Original Score performed live by David Spear and Joseph Julian Gonzalez

In 1928 United Artists released the silent film Ramona, based on Helen Hunt Jackson’s beloved tale of Old California. A star vehicle for Dolores Del Rio, Ramona was an early example of producing a new song to promote the movie. The song, “Ramona” written by Mabel Wayne and L. Wolfe Gilbert, became an international hit. The worldwide popularity of the title song endured, yet the film, unlike the tune, was lost for 80 years. A lone print was discovered in the Czech Republic in 2010 and restored by the Library of Congress.

In 2015 David Spear and Joseph Julian Gonzalez composed a new score of original themes, arranged the title song, and adapted sacred and Spanish classical music. In the main title, “Ramona” is sung and recurs throughout in instrumental variations. In “The Sunrise Hymn,” a scene where Ramona meets her future husband, a friar sings a hymn and is joined antiphonally by his congregants. “Cántico del Alba” (Morning Song), chanted daily in the California missions of the mid-1800s, was adapted and synchronized in an effective vocal arrangement matching the on-screen performance. Enrique Granados’s song, “La Maja Dolorosa” is arranged for violin to underscore two final scenes.

Summary by Walter Aaron Clark, Aaron Fruchtman and Victor Payan


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