Festival di Musica e Arte Sacra

Basilica St. Ignatius | Rome, Italy

October 26, 2014
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Dr. Terry Russell, Conductor
Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra
The Continuo Arts Festival Chorus*

* with singers from:
Custer Road United Methodist Church Chancel Choir, Tim Morrison, director
Sounds of the Southwest Singers, Matt Deller, director
Southwestern College Concert Choir, Dr. Terry Russell, director
Norwell United Church of Christ Sanctuary Choir, Karen Harvey, director
St. Lukes Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir, Marvin Gaspard, director
Foothills United Methodist Church Chancel Choir, Carol Paton, director
Vocal Spotlight, Donnalynn Laver, director

Victor Chan, tenor
Charisma Miller, soprano
Linda Scott, mezzo-soprano


On October 26th, 2014, Misa Azteca was performed to a packed audience at the Vatican sponsored event, Festival Musica E Arte Sacra, one of only two living composers selected to be represented at this prestigious festival.

EWTN Vaticano
… after 5 minutes into the concert I was blown away. The integration of classical harmonies with new instrumentilization and the traditional Latin (!) was breathtaking. I did not even blink an eye for the whole concert.
Jan Bentz
EWTN News Nightly


Wow, it looks like a small earthquake is happening over at EWTN's Facebook page about our recent concert in Rome. Close to 25 thousand views, over 1 thousand likes, and over 300 shares in just a few days!

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